Nanion Eco-Sterilising Coating


What is Nanion Eco-Sterilising Coating?



We have spent our significant amount of time developing self-sterilising coating solutions that are completely suited to everyone. While at the same time utilizing expertise, we have undergone many experiments that show Nanion Eco-Sterilising Coating is formulated to withstand bacteria and virus and provide you a hygine environment. We can guarantee that our products are pure and concentrated enough to with-hold for longer periods of time.
Nanion Eco-Sterilising Coating
Our Green Product Certification
MyHijau Programme.
Endorsement by,
Malaysia Technology Corporation.

What is Nanion and how does it work?

  • Replicate Mother Nature’s process of cleaning the air.
  • The Coating will release Nano Particles to neutralise and vaporise the bacteria, fungus, viruses, odours and VOCs* to harmless H2O and CO2.
  • Using photocatalyst, similar to photosynthesis, to activate the cleaning properties.
  • The Nano Particles (a.k.a “Nanions”) are coated onto your vehicle’s seat, Dashboard, windscreens and windows.

How Nanion Eco Sterilising Coating Works?

Spray Nanion on any surface
area that you would want to sterilise.
When the Nanion-sprayed surface exposed to any light source,
its photocatalysis ability will vaporise bacteria & viruses into thin air.
Apply once on the surface for sterilising
action that last up to 60 days*.


How to Use?

All-Surface & Eco-Friendly


A water-based formulation. Can spray on all types of hard & soft surfaces. Great for sterilising baby cot, toys, mobile phone, keyboard, digital gadgets, cameras, office & home furniture, gym equipment,yoga mat, smoking area, shoe cabinet, pet areas, car cabin, aeroplane seat & tray table, toilet seat, hotel bed & pillow, & homestay room.

Clean it.

Spray it.
(stand 2 ft away)
Wipe it.
(for glass surface)

Dry it
(for fabric)


Why Nanion Eco-Sterilising Coating?

Some of the Brands that used 3D Nanion Eco-Sterilising Coating.