Superior Camo Photochromic Solar Control Film


CAMO™ window film is manufactured by latest Nano-Ceramic technology and Mineral – Tungsten (Stable IRR data for a long-term with sun heat) which commercially created to provide high performance of heat rejection for window tinting in automobile and construction industries. It works through a patented process known as sputtering in which tiny particles of nanosize f ceramic is embedded in an optically clear polyester film. CAMO™ Film achieved their outstanding infra-red, UV and total heat rejection, completely stainless and prevent discolouration.

Camo is known for their photochromic film, the most advanced technology in window film industry. Photochromic film darkening under the sun providing maximum heat rejection during the day and clear vision at night

CAMO™ Automotive Window Films Enhances Safety, Saves Energy & Beautifies Your Vehicle.


We are committed to providing our customers with the ultimate and uncompromising window films. Using our revolutionary Nano-Ceramic technology and Mineral – Tungsten (Stable IRR data for long-term with sun heat), our films are engineered to reject maximum heat while allowing maximum natural light to pass through with low visible light reflection.

Keep Your Vehicle Cool With CAMO™


The reasons to tint your car vary from protection against health concerns, safety and privacy reasons and not forgetting preserving your investments in your car. Camo™ offers 5 to 7 years limited warranty and is committed to providing our customers with the ultimate and uncompromising automobile window films available in the market with a revolutionary breakthrough in the window films technology!

Stay cool during the day. Clear vision at night.


  • Enjoy complete comfort with advanced heat rejection.
  • Protect your skin with superior UV protection.
  • Protect your loved ones with enhanced safety & security.
  • Stay connected with zero interference.
  • See clearly and safely with a reduced reflectivity that is lower than glass.
  • Up to 98% infra-red heat rejection.
  • 99% UV rejection
  • Break-resistant / safety film.
  • Totally metal-free, a long-life film without corrosion issues & easy to maintain.
  • Low Visible Light Reflection (VLR) 7%.
Photochromic Film

CAMO™ Photochoromic films filter out the worst of the sun’s heat glare while letting light in so the driver has a clearer, more comfortable view of the road. Manufactured with a patent, CAMO™ Photochromic films do not interfere with cell phones, radio reception, radar detectors, or global positioning systems.

Solar Control Films

CAMO™ solar control film keeps a car’s interior cool and comfortable while reducing the load on the air conditioning system.

System & Security Control Films

CAMO™ safety and security films, when applied to the inside of a window, holds shattered glass in place, thereby reducing the likehood of personal injury in an accident, protecting property, and deterring smash-and grab thieves.

Police estimate that the glass is the entry route for at least 60% of attempted break-ins. Studies also show that a 10-sec delay in an entry is sufficient to discourage a spontaneous theft. Glass protected with CAMO™ security film will crack after repeated impacts, but it remains adhered to the film slowing the access to the vehicle interior and giving vehicle occupants time to escape an attack.

CAMO™ security film is available in clear or tinted varieties, ranging from 4-9 mil in thickness