Economical & High Performance

With the extremely efficient dispersion of heat, you save on energy cost when you apply Camo tint to your vehicle or property.

Stable Colour, No Fade-out and Rainbow Free

No risk in colour fading or tint wear-out as our films are made of durable high-grade materials and is rainbow-free.

Optical Clarity (less than 1.5 haze)

Camo tint film provides excellent optical quality giving road users maximum visibility and safety in all weather conditions.

World Top Heat Strikage (50% faster than competitor brands)

Our films strike off heat as fast as 50% more efficiently than other competing brands. This ensures your property or vehicle reaching comfortable temperatures faster.

World’s First Photochromic

  • Transition via sunlight
  • Increased IR cut up to 97% ~ 100% (900 ~ 2,400nm)
  • Decreased VLT 10% ~ 15%
  • Improved TSER & SHGC

Photochromic Test

Specifications of Camo Photochromic Films

Camo Photochromic film reacts to the intensity of sunlight. It darkens under bright conditions and lightens when the day gets darker. Camo Photochromic film reduces glare and rejects UV ray for up to 99%

Environmentally Friendly
Camo Photochromic film saves energy as it takes less air conditioning power to cool down a vehicle during hot days

Camo Photochromic film reduces the risk of glass shattering.

Electromagnetic Freedom
Camo Photochromic film is metal free thus ensuring that electronic devices such as smart tags and GPS work seamlessly.