iKillzz Anti Crawling Insect. 1st in Malaysia.

Have you ever experienced cockroaches running across your dashboards while you are driving?  Trying to look for something to smash them?  Before you can find your weapon, they have run into your air-condition ventilation system! 

Danger No. 1:  You should not be distracted when you are driving! 

Children enjoy eating McDonalds, snacks, chips, ice-cream, bread and more inside the car.  Food crumbs will drop inside the car.  Adults loved to drink coffee, milk tea, soft drinks and many more while on the run and tend to have spills here and there inside the car.  All these food crumbs and sweetened drink spill will attract cockroaches and insects.  These pests are filthy and carry bacteria and germs that caused Salmonella and Shigella. 

Cockroaches can survive without food for at least one month and without water for at least one week.  They like to stay and hide in cool areas such as under the car carpets, seats, boot area and hidden corners.  Cockroaches saliva and decomposed body will turn to fine ashes that will cause skin allergies and even asthma when breathing in.

Cockroaches are hard to eliminate from a car but DON’T WORRY, iKillzz CAN!


Automotive Usage

  1. Wind down all windows by a 3cm gap. (optional)
  2. Switch on the air conditioner to full blast if used during daytime.
  3. No need on the air-conditioner if used during the night. Best used at night and leave for few hours or overnight for better effect.
  4. Place iKillzz on a flat surface or onto the cup-holder in the middle of the car
  5. Remove cap & push the nozzle until fumes appear.
  6. Close all doors.

Best to use during the night as cockroaches like to crawl into cars at night.  Cockroaches like to stay in cool and damp areas.  The effectiveness is usually 2 times more during the night!

Residential Usage


  1. Safely store all food and beverages before using iKillzz.
  2. Cover all utensils and furniture before using iKillzz.
  3. Use iKillzz in an enclosed area and leave a slight gap on the windows or doors (optional) for 10 – 30 minutes to ensure fumes are properly absorbed and kill all hidden cockroaches.
  4. Best to use before leaving the house as to ensure fumes are properly absorbed for few hours.

Have you Ever Come Across Such Incidents?

?? Something is crawling up your body or leg while you are driving at night?

?? Leftover foods in the car?

?? Trying to use insect spray (strong aerosol smells & oily stains) to kill cockroaches or insects in your car?

?? Rushing for time and therefore ended up eating inside the car?  Did you know the food smells will stays inside our car and attract cockroaches and insects?

?? Hire an expensive pest control? Strong chemical smells will stays inside the car and it is hazardous to human especially children!

?? Trying troublesome DIY tips such as Butter + Oil?

The Easiest Way To Eliminate Cochroaches and Insects From Your Car or Home.

Why the troubles?  Just use #IKillzz. Just one press and Wait for Results!  It’s Sooooo Easy!

Lavender after-smell

Safe to use (ECO GREEN)


Water-based & Oil-free

Eliminate bad odour and musty smell in the car

Able to kill cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitos and insects almost immediately

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to use?

  • Use before bedtime.
  • Leave a slight gap on all windows. Push the nozzle on iKillzz until you hear the sound “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” indicating fumes are properly releasing from the can.
  • Get out of the car and close all doors. Leave for at least 15 to 30 minutes to ensure all fumes are properly absorbed onto all parts in the car.
  • You may just leave the car overnight for better effect.

2) Will it smell like Ridsect?

  • No.  The after smell is lavender, relaxing and nice smell.

3) Is it harmful to stay inside the car during the process of iKillzz?

  • Not advisable to stay inside the car during the process but you may stay inside the car if you think you are from the species of cockroaches or insects! (just joking).  That is also why we suggest leaving the car for 15-30 minutes.

4) Is it really effective?  Have tried using cockroach traps but not so effective!

  • Cockroaches will only be trapped when they crawl onto the traps but iKillzz will force cockroaches from their hidden place and hence kill them.

5) How frequently do we need to use iKillzz?

  • 1 can of iKillzz usually last for 1 to 2 months.  We suggest using every month for better effect.  However, you may also use as frequent as once a week.

6) Can we use iKillzz for home?

  • Yes. Just make sure to leave a slight gap on windows or doors. Cover all food and beverages and keep children away before starting the process of iKillzz.  Kindly follow the safety steps & precautions suggested!

7) Can we use for rooms as well?

  • Yes. Just make sure to leave a slight gap on windows or doors. Cover all food and beverages and keep children away before starting the process of iKillzz.  Kindly follow the safety steps & precautions suggested!

8) Can it really kill in 10 minutes as stated on the iKillzz?

  • Yes. It will kill cockroaches and insects.

9) How to store unused iKillzz?

  • Keep in cool or room temperature place.  Do not store in warm & high-temperature area.