Camo IONPro Solar Control Film

CAMO provides you with cutting-edge innovation with a combination of advanced Nano Technology and crystal minerals that fight and neutralise germs and bacteria while having high-definition clarity and high heat rejection window films.

Cleaner air for when you’re at home or when you’re on the go

Negative ions are generated through various natural processes such as sunlight, lightning, waterfalls, and ocean waves. These natural phenomena create an excess of negative ions in the atmosphere, which have been found to have numerous health benefits for humans, including improving mood, reducing stress, and boosting overall well-being. Additionally, negative ions can also be artificially generated through the use of ionizers, which release negative ions into the air. The nano electromagnetic surface IONPro window film absorbs and ionizes H20 on the surface of the film membrane, thus generating negative ions to the application surroundings creating a healthier choice for your favourite home, construction, and automobile applications.

Suitable Applications


All Vehicles

CAMO™ Automotive Window Films Enhances Safety, Saves Energy & Beautifies Your Vehicle.

We are committed to providing our customers with the ultimate and uncompromising window films. Using our revolutionary Nano-Ceramic technology and Mineral-Tungsten (Stable IRR data for long-term with sun heat), our films are engineered to reject maximum heat while allowing maximum natural light to pass through with low visible light reflection.


Commercial & Residential Property

CAMO™  Window Films Shields & Protects

Sunlight is the number one cause of many household issues. The heat that radiates from the sun causes uncomfortable hot spots and also causes your furniture to fade. Camo window films block out these dangerous rays but also helps reinforce the strength of your windows. Camo offers you Photochromic films, high infra-red rejection films, high UV rejection films, safety & security films, and decorative films for residential & commercial use.

What do Negative Ions do for us?

The elimination of airborne allergens including pollen, mould spores, germs, and viruses is the most significant advantage brought about by the presence of negative ions in an environment. In addition to this, they purify the air by removing dust, dander from pets, and cigarette smoke.

Negative ions are responsible for this function because they attach themselves in huge numbers to positively charged particles, which results in the positively charged particles being negatively charged. Because of this, the viruses, germs, and pollen spores in the air become too heavy to stay airborne, and as a consequence, they are unable to enter your breathing passages, where they may potentially make you ill.

The nano electromagnetic surface IONPro window film absorbs and ionizes H20 on the surface of the film membrane, thus generating negative ions to the application surroundings.

With IONPro window film, we eliminate up to 99.99% of ESCHERICHIA COLI bacteria which carry these symptoms:

  • Diarrhoea and abdominal pain
  • Fever
  • Food poisoning and Pneumonia
  • Cramps and vomiting
  • Kidney Failure

With IONPro window film, we eliminate up to 99.99% of STAPHYLOCOCCUS AUREUS bacteria which carry these symptoms:

  • Skin infection
  • Bone and joint infections
  • Food poisoning and Pneumonia
  • Bacterraemia
  • Medical implant infections

The IONPro Advantage

SIRIM Quality Class 1 and Grade A product with up to 10 years of Quality Assurance

High definition clarity with longer llasting performance under long periods of sun exposure

Environment friendly film made with advanced Mineral Nano Ceramic technology

Suitable for all types of automobiles and green building projects

Quality Certified

When it comes to protecting your health and the health of those around you, every precaution matters. That’s why the Camo IONPro is a game-changer in the world of solar control films. Not only has it been certified by international test bodies, but it boasts an impressive 99.99% surface antibacterial property rating based on two standards: the International SGS report and the Malaysia SIRIM quality test report, both of which have awarded it with a class 1; class A rating. With the Camo IONPro, you can rest assured that you’re taking a proactive step towards keeping yourself and others safe from harmful bacteria.

SGS(ISO 22196:2011), proving that within 24 hours eliminates 99.99% bacteria and fungus, (ATCC 6538, ATCC 8739)

(MS2669:2018) Solar Performance Full Pass with results of class 1, class A, weathering test full pass and bake test full pass to ensure the quality of the window film.