Revolutionary Nano Sol-Gel Dual Action Paint Protection

NanoCarbon is the revolutionary Paint Protection liquid that is made from Refined Nano-Hydrocarbons. Unlike other paint protection products, Nano Carbon is not silica or ceramic based and its thicker finishing coat resists wear and tear much longer. Taking the Japanese sol-gel technology many steps ahead, Nano Carbon solidly bonds with the paint material thereby creating a thick layer of protective coating.

How it protects

Sol-gel technology is simply the production of solid materials from small molecules. Within minutes, the liquid coating permanently bonds with the intended material thereby creating a thick layer of protective skin that cannot be removed naturally. The unique feature of NanoCarbon is that it requires 2-Steps of Coat; the 1stStep (10 nanometers) is to chemically fill-in the porous parts of the paint surface followed by a 2ndStep of “Top Coat” (90 nanometers) to give it an extra solid protective skin.

Technology Info: Carbon Nanotubes is 100 times stronger than steel but only 1/6 of the weight.


Non-silica and non-ceramic based productExtreme deep gloss especially on dark colored cars
Uses the Japanese Nano sol-gel technology to bondAntistatic capabilities, repelling dust and sand
Regular car washes produces less swirl marksSuper-hydrophilic capabilities
Self-cleaning effectHigher resistance to scratches
High heat and UV resistant functionNo significant post maintenance required
Last for more than 5 years

XtremePro Coating

Xtreme Pro Coating is the latest high class technology from Japan. Layers of Xtreme Pro glass coating are applied to provide super durability, smoothness, heat, resistance and anti-dust. Brilliant Shrine that really lasts without waxing and polishing again. A high temperature and wet climate of Malaysia’s weather, seriously influence your favourite car body paint surface, therefore you need the high quality coating to provide unbeatable protection from water marks, bird droppings, insects acid, oxidation, tree sap and petrol and diesel fumes. With Xtreme Pro casting, the daily maintenance (car washing) becomes easy. Removing the mud dust by just washing with water

Paint Coating

Xtreme Pro paint coating uses a unique covalent bond to become a new crystalline layer of permanent and durable coating of your paint which is extremely hard to remove the strong characteristics of coating effectively reduces minor scratches from car washes and protects against chemical and biological damage. Optimum Coat gives unrivalled UV resistance, water and dirt repellency and the deepest shine for your car.

Rim Coating

Xtreme Pro rim coating is the strongest for wheels due to its exceptionally surface molecular structure-9H hardness, BDD’C heat resistance and strong bonding mechanism. The Xtreme Pro rim coating provides excellent contaminant resistance to repel brake duct, road grime and dirt. The tough protective barrier lasts up to 1 year, make chrome and cast aluminium sparkle like new.

Headlamp Coating

Xtreme Pro headlamp coating forms a hard transparent protective film to protect the headlight from the damages, bugs and other circumstances. The unique of Xtreme Pro headlights coating will not be affected by the acid or alkaline chemicals used by car wash that causes yellowing or blurring

Engine Coating

Meticulously formulated from highest standard of ingredients, those engine coatings extend the life and performance of engines. It have capability to withstand the high temperature. These engine coatings do not cause damage to hoses, belts, electrical components or nuts & bolts and provide them protection against corrosion.

Fabric/Leather Seat Coating

Automotive seat fabrics can easily become stained, unpleasant to look at an unhygienic. Fabric / Leather seat coating is an advanced coating technology that makes any fabric / leather liquid repellent, anti-stain, anti-static and anti-microbial – or any combination of thereof. Fabric / Leather coat are said to be easier to keep clean, hygienic and odour free, even in heavily used commercial vehicles.

Smart Coat

Nano Titanium Technology can transform any surface into an anti-bacterial; antifungal; mold free surface, let it purify your surrounding air and eliminate bacteria, viruses, odours, and harmful gases. This technology is formulated to incorporate light activated Nano Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) which assists in deactivation of bio-contamination


Delay the permanent mark caused by tree sap, bird droppings and acidic stains
40% more shine
No need polishing
Hassle free washing
Prevent colour fading
Protects original paint from minor scuffing